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Come enjoy the family friendly CCRA Pool and Tennis Club with your neighbors!

Click here to apply for the CCRA Waiting List for Permanent Membership.  

Click here for the Boundaries to be eligible for Permanent Membership. The sooner you apply, the faster you start moving up the waiting list. 


Annual Membership Meeting
was held November 14, 2019.
All items up for vote were approved by an overwhelming majority of ballot submissions. Thank you for your participation.

Raft Night at CCRA
The Pools and Cafe will open again on Saturday, May 23, 2020. 

The tennis courts are available for member play all year; however, CCRA does not remove snow or ice from the courts or the parking lot during the winter months. Be sure that you have your electronic key fob to enter the courts. The single tennis bathroom is normally closed from mid December through the end of February.

Please be respectful of the adjacent neighborhood by driving slowing when you approach or leave CCRA. Be on the look out for children and other pedestrians in the neighborhood and in our parking lots. Thank you!

CCRA families click here for instructions about how to sign into the private side of this website


chevy chase café 
Café Opens Saturday, May 23, 2020.

Be sure to call Mike for your catering needs year round. 

Phone 240-277-4767

Click here to view the regular menu.

Credit Cards accepted with a $10 minimum.

Only food purchased from the cafe may be eaten at the cafe patio tables or in the screened pavilion.


Click Here for Fall 2019 Adult & Junior Programs

Final 2019 Tennis Scrambles on Labor Day Monday, September 2. Contact Betsy for details. Limited to 16 participants.

Click here for the 2019 Racket Sport Calendar.

Click here for Junior & Adult Tennis Program Registration.

Click here for Adult Pickleball Programs, Clinics & Lessons.

Click here to email Betsy.

Click here for the Tennis Court Rules.

Online Tennis Reservations 

Click here to Book a Court up to three days in advance.

Click here for Detailed Court Reservation Instructions.



Please do not park on the ROADWAY between the two parking lots. overflow PARKing, only after both lots are full, is AT YOUR OWN RISK, IN THE GRASSY M-NCPPC PARK AREA JUST BEFORE THE MAIN CCRA PARKING LOT. IF THERE HAS BEEN TOO MUCH RAIN, YOU WILL GET STUCK & WE DO NOT WANT you TO DAMAGE your car or THE PARK TURF. We do try to rope it off when conditions are too wet to park.

thank you for taking care of the park so that we may continue to use it in future years.

CLICK HERE for Membership Application online submission form.

2020 Annual Dues Notices & Waiting List Letters-Printable PDF Copies:

CCRA Annual Dues Notices will be sent via postal mail by February 7th. Click Here for an informational copy of last year's notice.

Click Here for a copy of the signature card. Everyone must fill in & sign a new card each year.

Click here if you would like to add other guest & Caregiver fees to pay online.

Click here to access your My Statement link for payments.

New Permanent Member offers mailed by February 19.

Click Here for a copy of the invoice for New Permanent member fees.

Be sure to submit a new online application with 2 sponsors, but no fee.

Click Here for the online application that New Permanent Members must submit.

Waiting List mailing for ranking limited use choices for 2020 will be mailed via the postal service by February 7.  Click Here for an informational copy of last year's  letter.

Click Here for post card with format for ranking your choices.

2020 Limited Use Offers will be emailed by March 27/28. Be sure to check your spam folder!

Click here for a copy of the Signature Card. Everyone must fill in & sign a new card each year.

Click here if you would like to pay dues through your My Statement link.

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Click here for a copy of the Full Summer Offer Letter.

Click here for a copy of the Full Summer Invoice.

Click here for a copy of the Combination Offer Letter.

Click here for a copy of the Combination Use Invoice.

Click here for a copy of the Weekday Offer Letter.

Click here for a copy of the Weekday Invoice.

Click here for a copy of the Partial Summer Letter.

Click here for a copy of the Partial Summer Invoice.


 Summer 2019 Partial Summer use is Still available for this summer. please apply now and begin moving up the list towards Permanent membership!

Come cool off at CCRA 

If you're interested in becoming a member at CCRA, please click here

Guest Policies

In order to use the facilities, guests must be accompanied at all times by the Host CCRA family.

Guest Policy:

Families must purchase Pool Guest Cards, with a a credit card or a check made payable to CCRA for $40.00 each. These guest cards are kept in the family's pool desk file and marked off with each use. Please pay by credit card or check only.  There is a small fee for using a credit card. Be sure that your file has enough guest cards to accommodate use by all of your family members.

Adult and Child guests are $10.00 each everyday. A member of the CCRA family must accompany any guest during their time at CCRA. Any guest will be asked to wait until the CCRA family member is on site to check them in and account for their fees.

House Guests passes are no longer an option.

Tennis Guest Cards are $40 each and each guest is marked off the card at $8.00 per court use. These cards are kept at the pool desk. Please be sure to note your guests on your court reservation, on the court sign in sheet and/or with the pool desk staff.

Caregiver Summer Season Passes are available for $155 and allow the caregiver to bring CCRA family children to the pool. The caregiver must be accompanied by the child or children and show her pass at each visit. A caregiver cannot come to CCRA on her/his own since she/he is not a member. These passes are required even if the caregiver is not swimming and even if the caregiver lives in your home.

Pool Parties

To reserve CCRA for a private pool party, before or after pool hours, Click here for Party Contract. 

Please email Sue Kamenar, or call Sue at 301-656-2272.

To reserve CCRA for a party during pool hours, please contact Sue kamenar via email,, or call 301-656-2272. 

All Parties during normal operating hours, must be scheduled at least 3 days ahead of time. No party can overlap with another, so be sure that you have scheduled your party with Sue or the Pool Desk Office. No more than 18, including all CCRA members as well as adults and children who may attend your party. Please pay the guest fees ahead of time and leave a list of attendees with the Pool desk staff.

During pool hours, a party must be scheduled when more than 9 guests, but no more than 18 (including members). Please click here for more information and to print and complete the Party Contract.

If you wish to reserve the screened pavilion, please note that you must order food from the cafe for the party. Be sure to verify that your date and time are available before contacting Chef Mike, at 240-277-4769 or, for provision of food and cake. If bringing all of your own food items, please use any of the outside picnic areas.

If you cannot reach Sue, speak to pool manager re: smaller parties during pool hours. You will be turned away if you have not scheduled through the office or pool manager at least 3 days ahead of time. Have fun at your pool party!

Please note that once Public schools return for the summer/fall session, we cannot host parties unless limited to 9 attendees during normal operating hours. Please contact by clicking here to check availability.

Click here for more information and to view our Party Application Form

Please email Sue Kamenar, or call Sue at 301-656-2272.