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Annual Membership Meeting
was held November 14, 2019.
All items up for vote were approved by an overwhelming majority of ballot submissions. Thank you for your participation.

Raft Night at CCRA
The Pools and Cafe will open again on Saturday, May 23, 2020. 

The tennis courts are available for member play all year; however, CCRA does not remove snow or ice from the courts or the parking lot during the winter months. Be sure that you have your electronic key fob to enter the courts. The single tennis bathroom is normally closed from mid December through the end of February.

Please be respectful of the adjacent neighborhood by driving slowing when you approach or leave CCRA. Be on the look out for children and other pedestrians in the neighborhood and in our parking lots. Thank you!

CCRA families click here for instructions about how to sign into the private side of this website


chevy chase café 
Café Opens Saturday, May 23, 2020.

Be sure to call Mike for your catering needs year round. 

Phone 240-277-4767

Click here to view the regular menu.

Credit Cards accepted with a $10 minimum.

Only food purchased from the cafe may be eaten at the cafe patio tables or in the screened pavilion.


Click Here for Fall 2019 Adult & Junior Programs

Final 2019 Tennis Scrambles on Labor Day Monday, September 2. Contact Betsy for details. Limited to 16 participants.

Click here for the 2019 Racket Sport Calendar.

Click here for Junior & Adult Tennis Program Registration.

Click here for Adult Pickleball Programs, Clinics & Lessons.

Click here to email Betsy.

Click here for the Tennis Court Rules.

Online Tennis Reservations 

Click here to Book a Court up to three days in advance.

Click here for Detailed Court Reservation Instructions.



Please do not park on the ROADWAY between the two parking lots. overflow PARKing, only after both lots are full, is AT YOUR OWN RISK, IN THE GRASSY M-NCPPC PARK AREA JUST BEFORE THE MAIN CCRA PARKING LOT. IF THERE HAS BEEN TOO MUCH RAIN, YOU WILL GET STUCK & WE DO NOT WANT you TO DAMAGE your car or THE PARK TURF. We do try to rope it off when conditions are too wet to park.

thank you for taking care of the park so that we may continue to use it in future years.

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2020 Annual Dues Notices & Waiting List Letters-Printable PDF Copies:

CCRA Annual Dues Notices will be sent via postal mail by February 7th. Click Here for an informational copy of last year's notice.

Click Here for a copy of the signature card. Everyone must fill in & sign a new card each year.

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Click here to access your My Statement link for payments.

New Permanent Member offers mailed by February 19.

Click Here for a copy of the invoice for New Permanent member fees.

Be sure to submit a new online application with 2 sponsors, but no fee.

Click Here for the online application that New Permanent Members must submit.

Waiting List mailing for ranking limited use choices for 2020 will be mailed via the postal service by February 7.  Click Here for an informational copy of last year's  letter.

Click Here for post card with format for ranking your choices.

2020 Limited Use Offers will be emailed by March 27/28. Be sure to check your spam folder!

Click here for a copy of the Signature Card. Everyone must fill in & sign a new card each year.

Click here if you would like to pay dues through your My Statement link.

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Click here for a copy of the Full Summer Offer Letter.

Click here for a copy of the Full Summer Invoice.

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Click here for a copy of the Combination Use Invoice.

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Click here for a copy of the Weekday Invoice.

Click here for a copy of the Partial Summer Letter.

Click here for a copy of the Partial Summer Invoice.


There are no events on this calendar


Click here for the current 2019 Social Calendar.

2019 Activities - Be sure to check the Club Calendar frequently for new items. Click Here.

We offer a variety of activities at CCRA. 

On a daily basis, besides Swimming and Tennis, we offer Ping Pong, Water Basketball, Tetherball and volleyball or badminton. A variety of Board games may be checked out at the Pool desk. 




*Sign up and pay for these events:

              No extra charge for online payment by check

              Increased cost for reservations within 5 days of event and for credit card sales

CCRA provides a contribution to offset event cost

Saturday, August 24: Movie Night* - Rain date: Sunday, August 25

This annual event begins at dusk and features a jumbo screen near the dive well. Special snacks and food at café. Movie chosen by vote. This year's winner is the Original Lion King movie.

Cost: $3 or $5 for movie and ice cream

Friday, August 30: End of Summer-Mexican fiesta* - Rain date: Saturday, August 31
4:00-6:00    Noodles & Beach Balls provided

5:30-7:30    Music, Mexican food and decor, wine and beer

Special kids’ menu

Cost: Dinner-$12 (reserved and paid by August 26); $15 (Paid August 26-30-Reserved before or during these dates) beer and wine $5.

Ice Cream Social:
Sunday, September 1, 2:30-4:00 pm
Betsy will be scooping ice cream for our last Ice Cream Social.

Monday, September 2: Labor Day

BBQ special menu 12:00-6:00 pm & music
4:00-6:00    Noodles & Beach Balls provided

Tennis-Adult Labor Day Scrambles from 3-5 pm (limited to 16 players-Register with Betsy at:  Betsyracket@verizon.net. 

 (Ice Cream Socials and other events added as they are scheduled. Check the CCRA website calendar and bathhouse Social Boards on back of bathhouse.)

  • Book Club
    • 2019 CCRA Summer Book Group 

      Meet in the CCRA Screened Pavilion on Tuesday, August 20, from 6:00-7:00 pm.
      Light refreshments are provided.

      Sign up in advance or just show up (all welcome, light refreshments will be served).
      Book: “Mothering Sunday” by Graham Swift. It's a short, but moving and provocative story that spans decades in exploring special conversations and how events shift the course of a young woman's life.

      Please click here to join the group for August. Click here to email the Social Committee. You may also sign up at the Pool Desk to join the Book Group, but be sure to give your email address. Drop-Ins are welcome at the discussion.

      All are welcome to join the conversation and to enjoy refreshments from the cafe. We hope that you will also lend thoughts for planning next year, as the book club continues to expand and attract new readers.

      An R.S.V.P. to ccrasocialcommitee@gmail.com would be appreciated but drop-ins are always welcomed.

      We look forward to seeing you!!!

  • Early Bird Swim
    • 2019 Early Bird Swim Monday, June 17 through Friday, August 16, from 6:30 am-8:00 am.
      Enjoy quiet morning lap swimming in the Lap Pool only.

      On Monday, Wednesday and Friday through July 12, the swim team will use 3 lanes from 7:30-8:00 am. They have the entire Lap Pool from 8:00-8:30 am.

      Early Bird Swimming Members are asked to schedule their swim time so that they leave bathhouse promptly at 8 am in order for lifeguards to close on time. Thank you!


  • Aqua Aerobics
    • MAYBE WE TRY AGAIN IN 2019!!!!!  
  • Master Swim
    • Overview

      2019 Adult or Master Program does not have enough interest; therefore, it will not continue.


  • Group Swim Lesson
    • Group Swim Lessons for 2019 Have Not Been Scheduled. We have not been able to get an instructor assigned to us this year.

      The information below is only FYI. Hopefully, we can bring the program back in 2020.

      Help our kids have fun and be safe at the pool!


      $45 for ½ hour lesson, offering lessons for beginners which incorporates safety skills to promote independence, as well as work on proper breathing and technique. Additionally, we offer lessons to further advance strokes break down technique for competitive swimming. Children who are 3 years old and potty-trained should only take a 20 minute individual lesson @ a cost of $30.


      The Beginner Class is for beginning swimmers, 4 or 5 year-olds, who are potty-trained and ready to put their faces in the water. The Advanced Beginner Class is for young children who are comfortable and can float/swim independently, but are not quite ready to join the CCRA Mini Rays/ Swim Team.  

      Small class sizes of up to no more than 4, or less than 2, children ensure more individual attention for your young child. The Beginner Class looks to help children feel comfortable in and under the water while the Advanced Beginner Class aims to help children learn independence and improve freestyle and backstroke. 


      Please sign up in the binder at the CCRA front desk!

      Session I: June 12th -June 22 …. Tuesday June 12, Thursday June 14, Friday, June 15. Tuesday June 19, Thursday June 21, Friday June 22, 

      Beginners: 3:30-4:00, 4:00-4:30 Advanced Beginners: 4:30-5:00, 5:00-5:30


      Session II: June 26 - July 6 Tuesday June 26, Thursday June 28, Friday June 29, Tuesday July 3, Thursday July 5, Friday July 6

       Beginners: 3:30-4:00, 4:00-4:30 Advanced Beginners: 4:30-5:00, 5:00-5:30


      Session III: July 10th - July 20th….Tuesday July 10, Thursday July 12, Friday July 13, Tuesday July 17, Thursday July 19, Friday July 20.

      Beginners : 3:30 to 4:00, 4: to 4:30 Advanced Beginners: 4:30 to 5:00, 5:00 to 5:30


      Session IV:  July 24th - August 3rd….Tuesday July 24, Thursday July 26, Friday July 27, Tuesday July 31, Thursday August 2, Friday August 3

      Beginners : 3:30 to 4:00, 4: to 4:30 Advanced Beginners: 4:30 to 5:00, 5:00 to 5:30


      ****** Full groups will determine how many groups we will have at each level for each session.  In other words if there are not enough kids sign up we may only chose one specific time frame for each of the two different levels.


      ****** Cost: Each group session is priced at $100 per child. Checks should be made out to Float First LLC. You may also pay using VENMO. Payment is due at the beginning of each session and is non-refundable so that we can encourage and give your child a chance to learn! 


      If we have inclement weather we will have a make-up day!


      Children should come prepared with their own goggles if they use them.  Please remember parents are not allowed in the lesson and preferably if they are in the water they should not be near the lesson group.  In my experience it is better to not have the parents hovering and engaging with the child during the group lesson.


      Where: Meet us by the shallow end of the big pool. 


      Click here to download a PDF copy of the "2018" Group & Individual Swim Lessons.

  • Movie Night

    • 2019 Movie Night this summer on Saturday, August 24th.
      There will be one movie night at sunset on Saturday, August 24, 2019 with a rain date on Sunday, August 25. All pools close once the movie has begun at 7:45/8:00 pm. Lawn chairs are set up on the main pool lawn for viewing and the cinema sized 21' movie screen is placed at edge of lawn closest to the diving well. Children can also sit on towels/blankets in front of the chairs.

      Please Click Here to register, so that we may plan accordingly.
      Any questions or to sign up via email, please contact the CCRA Social Committee: CCRASocialCommittee@gmail.com
      Movie begins at dusk (7:45/8 PM)

      $3 per person or $5 to include ice cream.

      Sleeping bags, blankets & pajamas are welcomed!

      Lawn chairs provided on the main lawn.

      Pools close at 7:45 pm.

      The cafe will be serving nachos, hot dogs, burger sliders, candy, scooped ice cream & novelties. Unfortunately, popcorn is not allowed on the lawn.

       Enjoy your Night under the Stars!

  • Private Pool Parties
    • Prior to August 25, to reserve CCRA for a private pool party, either during normal operating hours (18 max) or before or after pool hours (50 max and contract on CCRA web site), e-mail by clicking here or call Sue Kamenar at 301-656-2272. During pool hours, party must be scheduled when more than 9 guests, but less than 18 (including members). If you cannot reach Sue, speak to pool manager re: smaller parties during pool hours. You will be turned away if you have not scheduled through the office or pool manager at least 3 days ahead of time. 
      Please note that we cannot host September parties both during or outside of the normal operating hours; therefore any party during September must meet the limit of 9 attendees as described above. Please contact by clicking here to check availability.

      Click here to view our Party Application Form

  • Bridge Club
  • Ping Pong Tournament
    • Annual Ping Pong Tournament 

      Date TBD-Need someone to run the tournament. May need to cancel since not enough interest.

  • Ice Cream Socials

      The first Ice Cream Social was a big success. We celebrated the 60th birthday of CCRA on Memorial Day.
      Be sure to say hello and thank you to Betsy Heidenberger, Tennis Director, who scooped the ice cream for us and who will help out at future Ice Cream Socials.

      We plan to hold one Ice Cream Social per month.

  • Special Dinners
    • Holidays & Special Events


      End of Summer Mexican Fiesta Dinner with wine and beer served on August 30, 5:30-7:30 pm.


      Friday, August 30
      @ 5:30-7:30/8:00 pm
      Please click here to register.
      Enjoy tacos, fajitas, and 7 layer dip Food costs $12 (reserved & paid by August 26); $15 (Paid August 27-30 & reserved before or after these dates); and, beer/wine costs $5
      Separate children's menu at the cafe.

  • Garden Tour
    • Garden Tour

      2018 tour was a huge success and included a surprise tour of the Fairchild House And Dr. Fairchild author talk , "food for thought", by daniel stone. Thank you Lila and daniel!

      Join us in 2020. We plan to hold this tour every other year.

      Meet in Front of the CCRA main entrance

      Landscape Architect and CCRA Board Member, Lila Fendrick, will host a garden tour of the CCRA and the Fairchild House Grounds.

      Dr David Fairchild's plant collection, various award winning trees and one-of-a-kind trees, the selection of the CCRA site, and the recent landscape project at CCRA will be discussed.

      All are welcome!

      Please sign up on the Social Calendar or just drop by at 10 am to join the tour. We appreciate those who sign up ahead of time.

      Click here to link to the History of CCRA which includes information on the original landscape.

  • Other Activities
    • Labor Day Happenings! 

      Monday, September 2, 2019 

      BBQ Specials @ Cafe All Day until 6 pm.

      Music 2-5 pm

      4-6 pm: Beachballs & Noodles provided in the pool if not too crowded.